Thursday, March 22, 2007

NanoTrek Camp Wiki

I'm trying to work out how to create a Wiki for a NanoTrek Camp that's to be held here at PCT in April.

My boss and I did some brainstorming and came up with the idea of using the PBWiki and giving peanut butter cups to the students for fun. I've been reading articles about using Wikis in class and found an interesting article in Wiki Brainstorming and Problems with Wiki-Based Collaboration

NanoTrek Camp Wiki Ideas:

1. Create a list of research topics for nanotechnology:
      • Careers in nanotech
      • Environmental impact of nanotechnology
      • History of nanotechnology
      • Recent discoveries in the field of nanotech (last 5 years)
      • Medical applications
      • Nanobots
      • What are benefits/dangers of nanotech?
2. Require that they find each of the following kind of resources:
      • Organization’s website (.org)
      • Government website (.gov)
      • Article from a database
      • Educational website (.edu)

3. For each resource listed above summarize your findings and explain why this is a good resource for this information.

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